The Key to breeding your mare with transported cooled semen is very careful planning,
management and coordination with the Stallion Manager.

The first day of breeding season at Cedar Ridge Stallion Station will be February 1, 2012
and will conclude on June 30th, 2012



Full breeding fee must be paid before ordering semen
Fully executed contract must be on file prior to ordering semen
Pre-pay each shipment. We do accept Visa and Mastercard
Call ahead to Federal Express 1-800-238-5355
1. Federal Express (next day delivery) is the best choice for shipping semen; however, they do not pick up on Saturday or Sunday at Cedar Ridge.
2. Know whether you can receive deliveries on Saturdays.
3. If your shipment does not arrive, call Cedar Ridge for tracking number.
Call ahead to determine airport accessibility and airline availability. We ship from DFW airport.
Shipping information to have available when you place an order:
1. Physical address to receive shipment and telephone number
2. Stallion name,mare name and mare's registration number
3. Good contact name and phone number to receive airline information

Please DO NOT place orders on answering machine or fax. Call 903-564-7686

Availability of semen on any given day is not guaranteed
ONE dose of semen will be sent in each shipment
The priority for semen will be as follows:
1. Ranch Mares
2. Transmit mares
3. Shipped semen mares

Of the shipped semen mares, all mares that are not foal heat mares will have priority over foal heat mares. The stallion manager will prioritize all mares.

IMPORTANT - Requests for shipped cooled semen must be made by 5:00pm central time the day before collection. Any late orders will be charges a $50 late fee if filled. Confirmation/Cancellation of a semen order must be made by 8:00am central time the day of collection.
Use an experienced competent mare management facility. mares should be on a regular teasing and palpation/ultrasound examination schedule. We request that you palpate mares to determine if they havee ovulated in a timely manner or if you need more semen.
Confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound starting at 14 days post ovulation following thru to 45 days of pregnancy is required to maintain the live foal guarantee.
Embryo transfer. If more than one embryo is produced and transferred, Cedar Ridge must be notified within 48 hours of the embryo transfers. A stallion service fee is due for each pregnancy.

Please contact the ranch if you have any questions or special needs as we strive to provide
the best service possible. Thank you!

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